Born 1953 in Budapest/Hungary. I started HAM radio with 16 at the club-station HA5KFZ and the youth`s amateur station of my secondary school HA5YBG. I got my first license HA5LP in 1972. Moving to Germany in 1981, I got the call DL4SAW. My special interest was SSTV. I constructed several scan-converters and wrote the well-known GSH-PC Slow-Scan TV program, also known also as "SAW-SCAN". I reactivated and modernised my station in 2016 with a TS-590sg and 1KW PA (made by DH8VV). I changed my callsign from DL4SAW to DG5LP matching to my hungarian call HA/HG5LP. 

Other Interests: Building and flying flight simulators, skiing, cycling and hungarian pointers (vizsla-dog).
Business: Retired engineer for air traffic control. 

See more on my QRZ page.

Thanks for visiting this page,  best 73`DX,