FT8-Helper V2.3 for WSJT-X - v2.3 and v2.4

The FT8-Helper program was developed as macro extension for the WSJT-X using the Quick-Macro program. Comparing to similar FT8-Robots, this program is more “intelligent”, it interprets the received messages of WSJT-X and acts according to the own pre-programmed QSO strategy. The delivered EXE file contains the licence for Quick-Macro.

The FT8-Helper controls WSJT-X via virtual mouse and keyboard commands. When the FT8-Helper is running, you should not use your computer for other applications, as the mouse focus will be caught by FT8-Helper every  7,5 or 15 sec depending on the Mode FT4/FT8.

Main Features of V2.3:
- Automatic operation in both "CQ" and "S/P" mode.
- Automatic find of free frequency in CQ-mode
- Automatic changes between CQ and S/P mode with programmable intervals, dependng on band activity.
- Various strategies in S/P-mode: call stations with
    - Best Priority acording the JTDX "Notification" settings (clours)
    - Best S/N
    - Only DX
    - Prefer-DX
    - Most distance
    - Prerer Wanted (according to wanted lists)
    - Only Wanted (according to wanted lists)
    - Exclude stations, präfixes and DXCC-entities according to exclude lists
- Band-Hopping
    - Programmable on daily basis
    - Two time ranges per day can be prorammed
    - Operating band, mode, and strategy can be selected.
- QSO counter
- Opens the QRZ.com page of the station
- Comfortabel set-up of all parameter
 - Easy installation

Download the latest version of  JTDX-Helper and the manual from: www.github.com/dg5lp/

Feedback to: dg5lp@darc.de